NOTE: Our minimum credit score per applicant is 600– NO EXCEPTIONS. Any score below 600 will be declined. Additional funds will not be considered. *Gross income must exceed 3 times the rental amount. Income will be verified.

Please have your clients complete our online application, then email all required documentation to or fax to 817-498-0662. (Please send all required documentation at one time as multiple emails will delay the process.)

All documentation is required for each applicant 18 years of age and older.

Note: It takes 3-4 business days to process an application. While credit and background information are obtained quickly, rental history and employment verification may take longer to process. Thank you.


Please provide the following:

1. Your broker company name and address
2. Your company W-9 (Federal Tax ID)

Be advised we cannot pay a commission without your Broker W-9.

Thank you.