Tenant Benefits Package

Exclusive Perks for Emerald Residential Property Management Tenants

Required with all lease agreements is the Tenant Benefits Package. The Tenant Benefits Package is $25/month & includes the following features:

  • Renter’s Liability Insurance – Up to $100,000 in Liability coverage.
  • Renter’s Personal Insurance – Personal contents up to $10,000.  This is provided to you without applications, credit checks or billing.  Premium and coverage is per household NOT per person.
  • HVAC Filter Program – Tenant shall receive HVAC filters conveniently delivered to your door approximately every 90 days. Clean filters can help reduce your utility bills up to 15%.
  • One Time NSF Fee Waiver – During the current lease term, Tenant will be granted a one-time waver of a returned ACH or Check payment fee ($30).
  • Included Tenant Portal – Tenants will have free access to a secured online portal where you can submit maintenance requests and remit rent payments via automatic ACH.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service Network – Tenants will have access to our dedicated 24/7 Maintenance Hotline for after hours and holidays.

Tenant Benefi­ts Package is REQUIRED with ALL lease agreements with Emerald Residential Property Management. Tenant Benefi­ts Package will be billed as one charge on a monthly basis. We include insurance coverage but Tenants may choose to seek additional coverage from a carrier of their choice. You should consult an insurance professional to evaluate and determine personal insurance needs. All claims are subject to a $500 deductible payable by the Tenant. Other coverages may be included, see policy for details and exclusions.  

Frequently Asked Question:

Can I opt out of the Tenant Benefits Package?   No. The Tenant Benefits Package will apply to all Lease Agreements.